dilluns, 8 de febrer de 2016


Quan després d'una divertida sessió de fotos amb la magnífica fotògrafa Marina Raurell per fer-ne una altra amb l' Antonin Tricard et trobes a aquesta meravella d'ACTOR al metro, en Denis Lavant! Protagonista de les meves pelis preferides, "Holy Motors" i "les amants du pont neuf", AVUI sóc MÉS que FELIÇ!!!                      
When after having made a funny shooting with the great photographer Marina Raurell to make another one with Antonin I found this GREAT ACTOR in the subway, Denis Lavant, performing in 2 of my favourite movies, "les amants du Pont Neuf" and "Holy Motors".. Today I am more than HAPPY!!!

Cuando después de hacer un shooting con la magnífica fotografa Marina Raurell, y de camino a hacer otro con Antonin, te encuentras en el metro con esta maravilla de actor! Denis Lavant, protagonista de dos de mis pelis preferidas, "Holy Motors" y "Les amants du Pont Neuf"!! Hoy soy MÁS que FELIZ!!



dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2016


What I recently like the most in Paris is, that I don’t know why, or, I don’t know if people are more open minded than in my country, but, I’ve noticed that even if you don’t know them they come and talk to you.

                              And this is what has happened.

I was walking around Le Marais after having seen a gallery, “Galerie CINEMA”, with my beloved young and talented actress, and painter, Mahë, and, suddenly she said “oh ! look, I’ve exposed here like 2 years ago”.  . It was such a BIG and beautiful gallery, full of people. And I told her “Why don’t we come in?” and she was like shy, but. .suddenly, we were there. .And we have seen that the exposition was talking about a country that I don’t know a lot, Lebanon, and it was full of different things like sculptures and paints and sculptures, and we had a look at everything, both with our feelings very sensitive I think because we both are lucky to be doing the same workshop with our beloved Jack Waltzer, and then we’ve noticed there was such a kind of food that we didn’t know. . Lebanese food. . and we tasted it and it was delicious .  . and after that, when we were about going to leave, a very nice guy, Kévin Hraybi, said “oh!, don’t leave now”, and he has introduced us to his friend Ilaria, another artist, and we kept talking and talking about his country and the political situation and he has explained that since the end of the war there were lot of young people that have quit their country. . and that’s why the exposition was called “Heritage of emotions”, such a kind of celebration of Lebanon, its history, its cultures and its contradictions . .and we had so much fun and we even met the president of the Diaspora Lebanese association, Naoum Abi-Rached. . . And they’ve invited us to a Party that they’re going to do soon. And I just can say that I feel so thankful for this little presents, gifts , experiences and great people that Paris is offering to me ..  .I miss my country, of course, but I feel very thankful. . I love you Paris, I love you Bcn, bonne nuit . .


divendres, 11 de gener de 2013

La Ruth a "Qui a casa torna":

El meu paper, a l’obra de “Qui a casa torna” de Harold Pinter, la Ruth, torna a casa dels USA a Anglaterra, a l’antic barri marginal on ella hi havia passat la seva infància i part de l’adolescència. N’està tipa del seu bo, correcte i brillant comportament de dona perfecta,muller, i mare. Torna als origens. Aquesta foto m’hi va fer pensar força. Aquests dies, aquells que veniu a veure l’obra, potser la podríeu identificar amb ella també. Veniu-nos a veure i la Ruth i la resta de la companyia estarem molt orgullosos d’ensenyar-vos el que fem. Espero que us agradi. Amb amor, Karme.

My role, at the "Homecoming"'s play, by Harold Pinter, Ruth, is coming back from USA to England to her old and poor neighbourhood , where she lived during her childhood and part of her adolescence. She's fed up of her good, correct and brilliant role of perfect woman, wife and mum. She comes back to the origins. This picture made me think a lot about her. These days, the ones you come to see the play, maybe you could be identified with too. Come to see us and Ruth and the rest of the company we will be proud to show you what we do. I hope you enjoy it. With love, Karme.

dijous, 13 de desembre de 2012

Poem to Sergi López

Oh Sergi López!
I definitly loved you once
I saw you in Japan,
listening your sounds
inside that subway
and then playing
like a child
on your "Non Solum "
on the stage.

Oh Sergi López,
Today you're like
a platonic dream
like Petra falling
in love on the
Fassbinder's movie.

Oh Sergi López,
howmany French actresses
studying with you
in the Jacques Lecoq
school have wished to
be your Juliet?

Oh Sergi López
I dream of being your
little rabbit
and dancing the Mina's song
"Città vuota" on the stage.


Oh Sergi López,
I know you're married,
but even so
you'll be one of my
favourite Catalan actors
playing in screens and

Oh Sergi López
You’re sexy mother fucker
And I like you that way.

dimarts, 11 de desembre de 2012

Words for an unknown boy.

Sweet tender and unknown boy
You have enlightened my life that day
In a crazy and bizarre place,
Like two strangers but known as well . .
I felt like a Cinderella who knew that
magic would finish at dawn
Sweet tender and unknown boy,
how happy you made me feel
that day. Inside a taxi
talking about things
that I never had imagined
I’d talk to an unknown. .
And now you remain
in my mind like if you
were a star or an angel,
a dream able to fly ..
Fly far from the earth
to caress the shining
Sweet tender and unknown boy
you made my day that night *


dimecres, 31 d’octubre de 2012

Battements des météorites -

Dans le noir de la nuit

sous les battements des étoiles brillantes
elle entendait leurs coeurs s’éteindre.
Des explosions de météorites
dont leurs sons arrivaient
comme des restes psycho phoniques`
aérés dans l’espace.
Des palpitations d’âmes perdues
au-delà de l’univers.
Des âmes qui avaient quitté leur 

planète auparavant.
Des nouvelles de plusieurs médias
de plusieurs siècles.
Des voix de radio, et de newspapers.
Des battements de gens
qu’elle ne connaissait guère.
Mais qui la rapprochaient 
d’une humanité perdue
Dans le caos d’une nuit 
angoissante et qui
lui traversaient le cerveau
en lui perçant le cœur - by moi. Bonjour à vous tous*

dimarts, 25 de setembre de 2012

New rehearsal or put a Pinter in your life.

Today we've started to rehearse "HOMECOMING" by Harold Pinter.
I remember I've worked only once Pinter at school and it wasn't easy at all, but I am not scared. 
I feel very attracted by my character, Ruth, and while I was reading the play for the first time, a part of me, Karme, had the feeling to talk to her and tell her to be strong, and fight against the rest of the characters but this is something that happens to me very often when I read a play that I really like. 
Then, I understand that the characters have their own life and that as an actress I can't pretend to let her know how she should be or how she should act cause I don't know her! I don't know anything about her life, her past, her sadness, or her loneliness. 
That's why I feel I've a piece of art between my hands that I've to respect. And try to be involved deeply and slowly like when you want to do something without being discovered. 

Yesterday, alone, at home, after having read the play several times I have started playing with a mask, trying to imagine her. Maybe some of yours you will think that I am crazy, but it helps me to get closer to the role. It was just a game, or a test. Now, the rest is in the universe, like floating in space, written there, by Pinter ,to be discovered and try to know her.